Rumaillah Group management team establishes direction and is responsible for the overall results achieved within the firm. The firm has a diverse workforce made up of dedicated professionals, committed to offering high standards.

Emad Turkman MBE

Group Chief Executive Officer
Rumaillah Group

Mohammed Akbar Khan

Deputy General Manager
Rumaillah Services

Wayne Chapman

Chief Financial Officer
Rumaillah Group

Imad Yaghmour

General Manager
Rumaillah Facilities Management

Rauf Malik

General Manager
Rumaillah Motors

Ali Al Dulaimi

Managing Director
Apton Partitioning

Ezzudin Samaha

HR Administration & Finance Manager
Rumaillah Group

Thowfeek Abdul Razeek

Warehouse & Purchasing Manager
Rumaillah Group

Vinod Abraham

General Manager
Rumaillah Warehouse Equipment